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Allie Richards Photography

Night & Astro Guided Shooting

Night & Astro Guided Shooting

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This is a guided shooting session / photography lesson. We will go out to shoot the night sky and I will help you achieve results you are looking for and help you improve your technique.

*Night sessions require you to be comfortable setting your own camera settings, in addition to having your own tripod and wide-angle lens. A lens that opens to f/2.8 is preferred.*

*Note that the time slot will show as a 4 hour slot, but the session will be 1.5-2 hours. We will be in touch about what time the shoot will begin, as there are many factors determining when we can shoot depending on day, month, moon phase, and weather. Please contact me to help you choose a date based on your goals.

Location will be Within 30 miles of Brewster, MA; travel is possible but will cost an additional fee.

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